Overweight or Obese? A Few Simple Exercise Tips

Many people that are overweight or obese find it difficult to work out, so here are a few simple exercises to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.  There are a few reasons for this difficulty, so to start let’s provide some background information:

  • According to Krista Scott-Dixon, a researcher and nutrition coach, “Fat is a metabolically active organ. It’s not just storage; it actually secretes hormones that affect your energy levels.” So, to put it simply, “Even if you don’t really feel that much pain, you just feel like crap.”
  • Personal trainer Steve Barrett stated: “Exercise is stressful for the body – but for those who are severely overweight, their bodies are already stressed, their blood pressure is already raised, they are already fatigued, their joints already strained.”

While sticking to a workout routine can be tough for the slightly overweight person (or even someone in good shape), it is clear that the more pounds you have on you the more difficult it can be. But don’t give up! Here are a few ways to start that journey to a healthier life:

  • Participate in low or non-impact activities.
  • Focus on exercises that are easy on your joints and lower back such as cross-trainers and recumbent bikes.
  • Work your way up to the gym. Some obese individuals feel embarrassed to go to the gym considering the majority of people there are already ‘fit’. Don’t let that hold you back. Activities as simple as gardening or even washing your car can help you on your way to becoming more active and you’re likely to drop a few pounds in the process.
  • Take a few walking breaks at work. The walk can be 2 minutes or 10 minutes- it doesn’t matter. As long as you are moving around and not pushing yourself too hard, pretty much any form of exercise will improve your overall health.

Before jumping into a workout routine it is extremely important to consult a doctor to make sure you not only have realistic goals in mind, but more importantly, to make sure you don’t injure yourself in the process. Remember: Don’t let anyone, including yourself, hold you back from a healthier life. You CAN do it!

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