Fitness Friday: Squats

So sorry for being absent from Fitness Friday these past two weeks, I was recouping from my photo shoot and enjoying some much needed rest from the gym. I’m back at it now and better than ever!

Today we’re going to talk about my favorite exercise, SQUATS! Women love them and men hate them. Gentlemen, next time you’re in the gym take a good look at your legs and reevaluate the “symmetry” in your physique. Women, take a look at your legs and glutes and ask if they can use a little more definition or tightening. We should all answer yes to these questions and the squat is the solution!

As I mentioned prior when you squat there is a very specific form that must be taken when squatting. Yes it is one of the most beneficial exercises for all aspects of your legs AND core but it has to be done appropriately; with that said here’s a few quick squatting tips and a quick squat workout that you can do that should tear up those legs!


1. Keep your chest up! Don’t look down and don’t let your chest ever come horizontal with the floor. You want to keep that chest up and firm to keep your back from rolling over.

2. If you can’t sit on your calves the weight is too heavy! Focus on DEPTH opposed to WEIGHT. Form is crucial in all exercises but in a squat, if you don’t perform it correctly you’re short changing yourself for actual benefits. Make sure you’re going deep deep deep! When doing this you’re engaging not only your quads but a massive amount of ham strings and gluteus as well.

3. Sit on those heels! Don’t roll to your toes my friends that dangerous and that’s how people get hurt. Not to mention that when you push through your heels as opposed to your toes (which should never be done) you exert a massive amount of strength as opposed to your five little toes. Drive through your heels squeeze those hams on the way up and tighten those quads as you reach the top!

4. Last but not least, wear FLAT shoes! There is a substantial difference when you wear flat shoes. Shoes with “air” soles or that have a thick heel are usually going to make you roll and make you unstable.

Now take these 4 pointers and let’s knock out some squats!

Regular squats (feet shoulder) routine:

Warm up: 20-30 reps

Set 1: 15- 20 reps

Set 2: 15-18 reps

Set 3: 12-15 reps

Set 4: 10-12 Reps

Set 5: 6-8 reps

Set 6: 4-6 reps

Set 7: 4 reps + cut weight in HALF and burn out until failure (this will HURT so make sure you have a good spotter because you will be fatigued!)

Set 8: Use the weight that you had for set 3 and knock out another Set 3!

Your legs should feel like lead by this point. Make sure to take your amines and post work out shake for some quick recovery! Remember, anyone can get a great upper body; it’s your legs that set you apart from the rest!

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Be Strong. Stay Fit.