Fitness Friday: Outside the Gym

Every now and then the four walls filled with iron and cardio machines get a little monotonous. Just like anyone else I get burnt out on constantly being in the gym to get my work outs done…especially when you go to the same gym all the time. I have to say that I’m grateful for the fact that Los Angeles has some gorgeous trails if you just take the time to find them. I hit the trails this past weekend for a little outdoor fun but wanted to get some fitness in there as well.

Kept things basic being that I was outdoor and didn’t have much to work with. This particular trail had little to no one on it. If the incline wasn’t too bad I would lunge for twenty steps each leg then jog the rest of the way up. Obviously this is all terrain pending so be careful and make an informed decision depending on the trail.  The jogging did stop about half way through because I had a backpack filled with water which added about an extra 8 pounds to my weight. The eight pounds wasn’t the issue but the water swishing back and forth was.

Now there were quite a few areas where the ground was flat on this hike. I would do the following routine

25 push-ups (Watch where you place your hands!)

50 squats (DEEP!)

25 Squat jumps

25 close grip push-ups

By the time I was done with my hike I definitely broke a sweat. With the holidays coming around and finances being tight, it’s common for many to use money as an excuse not to get in shape. Whether it be in your home, at a park, outside or just about anywhere you can take the first few steps to getting back on track. It’s not about the whole staircase just take the first step and the rest will follow.

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Hope you’re all having a wonderful pre-holiday week! I’ll make sure to get you a post holiday fat assault work out as my gift to you!

Be Strong. Stay Fit.