Fitness Friday: Arms Assault

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re going to talk about some serious arm assaulting for both men and women!

Gentlemen, we all know you want big arms so I’m going to run you through a couple tips and tricks to get you there. Ladies, nothing is more unattractive than undefined arms! Let’s get your arms sexy and lean for summer!

Now, when training arms the most important thing you can focus on is the squeeze. I’m talking about that burning sensation at the peak of the movement. Biceps and triceps have multiple “heads” and to hit them all effectively it’s important to give that extra contraction at the top in order to promote some serious muscle growth.

Now, what I want you to try this time around with arms is to go a tad lighter than you’re used to. Stick to rep ranges of 12-15 and really focus on form and squeeze! You’re working on molding and shaping your body- not powerlifting! Generally speaking, I like to start with biceps  and then move onto triceps. Here we go!

French Bar Curls: I like to substitute these in every other week for straight bar curls to reduce the pressure on my wrist. To get a more neutral grip, I tend to grab the outer “ridge” of the bar so that I’m getting a more full range of motion instead of hitting the peak of the bicep only. Make sure you open up completely at the bottom and give a good one-second squeeze at the top.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls: I almost ALWAYS do these seated. By sitting down you’re less likely to throw the dumbbells around like an ape. What I like to do here to get a good squeeze in the peak is turn my wrist so that it is parallel with my body. I do this to bring the squeeze from the bottom part of my bicep right into the peak.

Concentrated Curls: I was doing the pictures for this in a friend’s gym so I wasn’t able to show the way I normally do these. These can be done with dumbbells or cables. I chose to use a preacher approach to really focus on the peak and upper part of my bicep. Keep your form tight, dumbbell turned as such in the picture and don’t forget to breathe!

Skull Crushers: This is by far my FAVORITE tricep exercise. I used to do them flat and then decided to try it at an incline. By bringing the bench up you’re really able to focus on the outer head of the tricep. You’ll have to go a little lighter than usual to save your  joints but keep your elbows close together and make sure to reach all the way back at the bottom of the movement.

Close Grip Bench Press: Ladies, if you do these go light. Gentlemen, this is one tricep exercise where I DEFINITELY recommend going heavy. Still keep in that same rep range but get yourself a spotter to really pack on the weight. This moment promotes immense muscle growth and can really stack some inches onto those triceps. Keep your elbows close to your body and come up about 75% of the way. Don’t lock out at the top; you don’t want to lose tension on the muscle.

Rope Pull Downs: There’s a ton of different ways to do these. I tend to prefer grabbing the rope at the bottom. As noted in the picture, the bells on the rope turn out at the bottom to really squeeze the “horse shoe” and make it pop.

Dips: Last but not least! A good way to work out those triceps is dips. Slide in 2 or 3 sets at the end of your workout until you reach failure and enjoy the tearing sensation!

Alright friends now it’s your turn to go out and try to either shred or grow those arms! Make sure you follow me on instagram @bestrongstayfit or . My twitter account is or handle @bestrongstayfit. Hope to hear some feedback on how your arms feel after this one and enjoy your weekend!

Be strong. Stay fit.