Find Time to Workout

Don’t have time to work out? No more excuses! Here are four strategies to get your exercise on—even during the busy holiday season.

  • Pencil yourself in: Make your workouts a priority by scheduling actual appointments with yourself—the same way you would for a work meeting or your kid’s soccer practice. At the beginning of each week, look at your calendar and block off specific times for your workouts. You’ll be less likely to skip if you mark it down.
  • Break it Up: Can’t devote an hour to exercise? You don’t have to pack your workout into one long sweat session. Women’s Health recommends breaking up your routine into a two or three smaller sessions spaced out through the day. For example, you could go on a 20-minute powerwalk during lunch and do some yoga stretches after dinner. Working out doesn’t have to be a hassle- make it fit your schedule, not the other way around!
  • Incorporate Interval Training: Studies show that interval training can provide more health results in a shorter amount of time. The New York Times recently featured an article that focuses on how to work in an effective 20 minute workout: Run 10 one-minute sprints at about 90 percent of your maximum heartbeat, followed by one minute of easy recovery. Pretty simple right?
  • Go for 20: When you are truly pressed for time, commit to working out for just 20 minutes a day. It doesn’t feel like a huge commitment, but physical activity for any duration has value. Always remember, doing something is always better than nothing!


Sources: Women’s Health & New York Times