Great Sports for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight but just can’t seem to keep yourself in the gym long enough? Well fear not, here are a list of sports that are not only fun and engaging, but can really help towards your weight loss goals.


Basketball combines a variety of movements including running, jumping and reversing direction all while going at ‘top speed.’ This combination is a fun and effective way of losing weight. Depending on your weight, you’re likely to burn nearly 700 calories while playing basketball for only an hour. Who thought losing weight could be so fun?!


While all forms of swimming are great for weight loss (and easy on the joints) it has been proven that the butterfly stroke is the most effective in terms of burning calories. An hour of doing the butterfly and you’ll shed anywhere from 700 to over 1,000 calories in an hour.

Cross Country Skiing

In the mood to get some exercise at a high altitude? Well, cross country skiing is the perfect activity for you. While it depends on the pace you’re going, if you push yourself you can burn 800 to over 1,100 calories an hour while cross country skiing. Not too shabby, eh?


While working out on a punching bag is effective, to burn the most calories we recommend sparring with someone. This is a fantastic full body work out and one of the most effective ways to tone up, build muscle and lose weight- all at the same time. One hour of sparring and you’re looking at burning over 950 calories.


Save the best for last, right? While some people don’t look at running in the same light as basketball, it can actually be the most effective sport in terms of burning calories. If you are able to run for an hour at a 6-minute mile pace (a very difficult task) you will burn about 1,400 calories per hour. If a 6-minute mile pace seems  unrealistic for you, don’t worry- running for an hour at an 8-minute mile pace burns over 1,150 calories per hour.

What’s your favorite sport that bolsters your weight loss progress?

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