Dr. Carlos: The Importance of Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Carlos and some of her staff pay a visit to the LA ViSalus Office during the Health & Wellness Fair.

According to Dr. Gabriela Carlos, a Chiropractor who received her Doctorate Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College,  it is important to understand the science behind chiropractic treatment in order to fully take advantage of it.

Chiropractic treatment features doctors that specialize in locating and correcting a serious condition known as Vertebral Subluxation. So what does that mean? To put it simply, it is a misalignment of one or more of the twenty-four movable bones of the spine. Subluxations can produce stress and put unneeded pressure on various parts of the spine. Because of the added pressure, there is a chance that it can produce irritation and potentially even damage the nerves.

For some people it may obvious that they need to see a Chiropractor, but for many others the signs are often a bit more subtle. The obvious warning signs are neck pain, back pain, hip pain, headaches, numbness or even curvature of the spine. However many people don’t realize that chiropractic treatments actually can greatly improve a number of other health conditions.

With all of this being said, we figure we might as well supply you with a few chiropractic tips. Here are a few ways to help you avoid lower back pain:

1. Stop smoking! Wait… we all know smoking is bad for you, but how does smoking affect your back? Smoking actually causes diminished levels of oxygen levels  to tissues throughout the spine, therefore causing back pain. In addition, diminished oxygen levels actually hinders the healing process of a spinal injury. So stay away from that smoke!!

2. Exercise. Seems simple enough, right? Staying active and keeping fit is an obvious key to keeping back pain away. Overdoing it can have the opposite effect, but a healthy balance of exercise can be the key to preventing back pain. If you are already experiencing back pain, exercise can actually be a way to alleviate the pain. Of course you need to consult your doctor prior to starting a workout routine or even casual workouts when you have preexisting back injuries, but you’d be surprised at how beneficial general exercise can be for your back.

3. Proper Weight Training Techniques. General lifting and weight training techniques are often the most likely causes of back pain. To avoid that it is extremely important that you have a good understanding of what proper techniques are. Whether you hire a personal trainer or seek expert advice online, it is important that you are learning these techniques from someone that is considered an expert.

There are plenty of other tips that can help you avoid and treat back pain, but you gotta start somewhere right? For more information on all your chiropractic needs, make sure to head over to the Carlos Chiropractic Center Facebook page for additional insights.

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