8 Ways to Get Active Before 8 A.M.

Can’t make it to the gym before heading to the office? No worries. Work these exercises into your morning routine.

  1.  The minute you get out of bed, hit the floor for 15 pushups, then jump up and  do 25 jumping jacks.
  2.  While your Vi-Shape® Shake is whirring in the blender, squeeze in some tricep dips on your kitchen chair.
  3.  Stand on one leg while you’re shampooing in the shower. Switch legs for the conditioner.
  4.  Don’t just stand there brushing your teeth—add some squats, lunges and calf raises.
  5.  During your commute, engage your core muscles. Tighten your abs while you’re sitting.
  6.  When you arrive at the office, ditch the elevator. Walk or run up the stairs instead.
  7.  Replace your desk chair with a big exercise ball.
  8.  Skip the latte and do some deep breathing.